Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New hunt items are here!

Just a note to let you know that both the Twisted Hunt and STEAM 5 Hunt are now underway, and our hunt items are ready for you to seek out!

Our Fall 2011 Twisted Hunt gift is "Fleur du Mal," an Unseelie dark woodland fairy costume:

Our Fall 2011 STEAM hunt gift is a steampunk themed tea set:

Both gifts are hidden within our Main store in Caledon Oxbridge Village.

And starting Sept. 15, the Celebration of the Arts Hunt, featuring "Apollo et Calliope," a classical Greek/Roman tunic toga set for both men & women.

As you can see, I'm stepping out a little more beyond my usual Victorian/Western/Steampunk comfort zone — and finding that I really like it! I hope you do as well. Cheers!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sixty Linden Weekends sale item for August 27 & 28

This weekend's Sixty Linden deal is "La Vie en Ville" (City Life), a Victorian gown, hat and parasol set in amethyst... Find it in the entry alcove as you TP in to the clothing store.

Check out the other deals this weekend at the Sixty Linden Weekends Picasa Gallery -- there are some great deals out there!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sixty Linden Weekends sale item for August 20 & 21

This weekend's Sixty Linden deal is "Suffragette," a white Edwardian suffragist gown & hat to celebrate Women's Equality Day in the U.S. on Aug. 26! The set also comes with a "Votes for Women" picket sign (not shown). Find it in the entry alcove as you TP in to the Montagne Noire Clothiers main store in Caledon Oxbridge Village.

Check out the other deals this weekend at the Sixty Linden Weekends Picasa Gallery -- there are some great deals out there!

Friday, August 12, 2011

What's new at Montagne Noire

"La Vie en Ville" (City Life) is a new Victorian gown, hat & parasol set, complimenting last week's release "La Vie Champetre" (Country Life).

As new releases, these items are now 125L through next weekend!

Our new, FREE group gift is also here... now available in the entry alcove, "La Vie en Ville" (City Life), is a special gothic edition in "nightshade."

You can join the group right on the spot there -- instructions are on the wall. Be sure to wear the group tag when you touch the gift delivery sign to receive the FREE outfit!

By joining the Montagne Noire Fashion Society, you'll receive announcements of new releases, special events and member exclusive gifts, such as this outfit and others.

I've done some inventory housekeeping, and have added several new items, including several holiday themed gowns, in our 3rd floor clearance "secret room" that are on their way to retirement. Prices range from 5L to 50L -- up to 80% off original prices.

I think that's it for now -- hope you are staying cool as the summer winds down. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Victorian day and evening gowns!

La Vie Champetre (Country Life) is now available! In bluebell, lavender and mint, this Victorian day gown with Irish lace detailing comes with a matching straw hat and lace parasol.

As a new release, the gown is 50% off this week, just 125L!

Our specially priced 100L Victorian Summer ball gown, "Aout" (August) is now available in the entryway:

Matching ball gown shoes are also available for just 10L!

Be sure to check out all our other 100L ball gowns on the third floor, too.

Back again... again.

As some of you already know, I've had a lot of ups and downs with my health over the last year and a half, which has forced me to prioritize my time in SL and on the computer.

Thus the dearth of posts for the last four months.

I'm intending to give the blog a go once again, as I've had a couple people comment that they like being able to catch up on Montagne Noire news outside of SL... too often inworld group notices are missed, or never delivered, or offline email notices go into spam folders and are never seen again.

So please do keep an eye on this blog -- I encourage you to follow it if you're a Google or Blogger user. I intend to continue writing not just about Montagne Noire news, but also about issues in Second Life, when the mood strikes. ;)

Thanks all for your patience, and for reading. Cheers!