Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Le Peignoir" Victorian nightgown set now available

Montagne Noire Clothiers presents "Le Peignoir," a ladies robe jacket, nightgown and sleep cap set in pearl, ivory and onyx.

This peignoir set is appropriate for most 18th-20th century boudoir settings. The sleeveless chemise and pantaloons can be worn under most dresses (sans the lace sleeve cuffs).

The set also comes with a lightable candle holder, to help you see down dark hallways. Simply touch the candle and a glowing flame will light your way.

As a new release, "Le Peignoir" is 50% off regular price through next weekend, at our main store in Caledon Oxbridge Village (just 100L!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nature's Hunt: Haunted Forest 2 launches today

Today marks the launch of Nature's Hunt: Haunted Forest 2 and Montagne Noire's contribution is "Le Chaperon Rouge," a Red Riding Hood and Woodsman costume set for women and men.

In keeping with the theme for hunt, Montagne's Noire's heroine Red Riding Hood is seeking escape from the haunted forest, with the Woodsman not far behind, his axe and clothing covered in blood.

The question is, whose blood is it -- the Wolf? Red's grandmother? Is there something more sinister to this scene? That is for you to decide! (though from the expression on Red's face... she may be running for a reason)

Nature's Hunt: Haunted Forest 2 Hunt runs through Nov. 25. Happy Hunting!

Friday, October 21, 2011

La Mariée Fantôme - ghost bride Halloween costume

Montagne Noire Clothiers presents "La Mariée Fantôme" (ghost bride), a haunting wedding gown in white brocade and satin, accented with a rose crown veil, white bouquet and a ghostly mist (emitted by matching shoes).

The bridal gown set comes with two pairs of shoes, one with the mist function, and one without, for times when you've entered a laggy sim.

All pieces are mod/copy.

I hope you enjoy this gown and have fun at the many Halloween and All Souls Day balls and events that are planned around Second Life... Happy haunting!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Victorian Shopkeepers Association -- join us!

I've recently taken over ownership of the Victorian Shopkeepers Association, an update group for both merchants and shoppers with a fondness for all things 19th century Victorian, Steampunk and Gothic. Founder Otenth Paderborn has decided to move on to other projects, and has kindly selected me to "replace" him.

So as the new group owner (I really need to come up with an appropriate title) I'm here to extend an invitation to any and all SLU merchants and residents with similar interests to join the group.

For "discerning shoppers," you'll receive notices from a wide variety of merchants specializing in 19th century fashion, furnishings and other items, all in a single group. Shoppers will also on occasion receive special gifts from merchant members.

Shopkeepers can reach a targeted audience for their sales and special events. Merchant members don't necessarily have to have a shop on a Victorian sim, nor do you have to have exclusively 19th century Victorian/Steampunk/Gothic products (though they should be a prominent element of your business). For posting privileges, contact me to have the shopkeeper role added to your membership.

The VSA is planning a number of new incentives, among them sponsorship of a Victorian hunt, a website/blog, and a Victorian Visitor Information Centre. We're also planning to host a merchants meeting on a regular basis to discuss issues of interest to VSA merchants.

To join us, simply open chat history and paste the following link there:

Click the live link in your chat, and then the "join" button on the group information box that pops up, and you are ready to enjoy the membership benefits of the VSA!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New release "Tunique" Greek/Roman toga set

Fresh of the virtual sewing machine is "Tunique," a classical Roman/Greek toga set for roleplayers. You may recognize the "pearl" variation, but I've added two additional colors, ruby and onyx:

This set includes full outfits for both women and men, and is modify/transfer, so you can buy it for yourself, and transfer the second outfit to your partner! Even better, through next weekend this set is 50% off, just 100L.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trick or Treat at the Spooky You Halloween Event

Montagne Noire has set up a small Halloween cart at the Spooky You Halloween Event, which opened earlier today. Content creators from all over SL are displaying some excellent Halloween decorations and merchandise, and each of us has a "Trick or Treat" cauldron dispensing a special Halloween gift between 1L-10L:

Spooky You runs through Oct. 31.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ghouls, Goblins & Ghosts Hunt item - "La Sanglante"

Montagne Noire's not-so-secret location in Clocktower Mall, on the Rag Dollz Videos sim, will be participating in the "Ghouls, Goblins & Ghosts" sim hunt. The hunt runs from Oct. 15 to Oct. 31.

Our hunt gift this year is "La Sanglante," a ladies bloody nightgown and pantaloon set.

I'm not entirely sure whose blood she is wearing -- but I hope you'll find this gown useful for the right roleplay occasion.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New undergarment set - "En Petit Tenue"

Montagne Noire Clothiers presents "En Petit Tenue" ("scantily dressed"), a ladies corset, chemise and pantaloon set, in pearl, ivory and onyx. The set retails for 100L.

Designed on the underwear clothing layer, it can be worn under most dresses (sans the sleeve cuffs). This undergarment set is appropriate for most 18th-19th century boudoir settings.

As a new release, "En Petit Tenue" is 50% off regular price through next Wednesday, at our main store in Caledon Oxbridge Village (just 50L!)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Halloween slippers

Just for Halloween, this cozy pair of fuzzy black fur slippers feature a black widow spider on the toe -- perfect for wearing with lingerie or with a robe, curled up reading a book by the fireplace in your decaying gothic castle!

Find them at the new "Halloween Spotlight" display on the main floor, (through the right side arch at the new main entrance), along with our 100L "Octobre" ball gown and new "Bewitched" party gown, and other seasonal goodies.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Grand Re-opening" Halloween Hunt

What? Montagne Noire remodeled? When did that happen?

Yes, we've expanded the shop, and to celebrate, we're having a 10L Halloween Hunt!

The new picturesque canal side main entrance:

The new building is about 1/2 size larger than the previous shops across the street from each other in the NE corner of Caledon Oxbridge Village. Both clothing and furnishings are now under one very large roof! It's also been designed so that if you happen to use the previous landmarks to teleport, you will still arrive inside the building.

Meanwhile, there are TEN items in the shop which have been reduced to **10L** (regular prices are 100L-250L!): four on the first floor, three on the second floor, and two on the third floor.

This mini hunt will continue through All Souls Day, Nov. 2.

Sixty Linden Weekends sale item for Oct. 8 & 9

This weekend's Sixty Linden Weekends deal is our equestrian themed outfit "Le Redingote," in emerald:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"6 Popular Fashion Trends (That Killed People)" isn't normally a site I associate with fashion design (I go there for a sundry of other lulz).

However, recently Emilly Orr, on her The Trainwreck Love Life blog, shared a link to a classic Cracked article I'd not seen before: "6 Popular Fashion Trends (That Killed People)."

As usual, Cracked has hit the nail on the head, doing so in their trademark style.

We forget how fortunate we are in the 21st century to be liberated from the oppression of past women's fashions -- the Cracked article mentions steel crinoline skirts and tightlacing corsets, as an example. Some feminists have asserted that fashion -- the styling of restrictive clothing, hair, makeup, etc. -- has long been a tool to control or distract women from other more heady pursuits, i.e. things men do.

I'm inclined to agree, to a certain extent -- in RL I've simplified my "look" over the years, partly because as a tall woman, it's hard to find clothing that fits well (you'll find my closet full of men's clothing, and my favorite pair of shoes were purchased on the men's side of the shoe department).

What I've discovered in the process is that I've freed up an awful lot of time to get more things done.

Of course, the irony doesn't escape me that part of that free time is devoted to creating historical fashion in SL, fashion which IRL caused women physical discomfort and damage. An odd juxtaposition, wouldn't you agree?

And yet that is the attraction of Second Life for me: we can enjoy the cosmetic beauty of previous eras of fashion without having to endure the real pain and restrictions they caused women. An amazing concept, indeed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Halloween party gown is here!

Montagne Noire presents "Bewitching," a seasonally themed party gown in spidery black satin and accented with a half veiled witches hat and black widow spider.

Each month MNC releases a specially designed gown corresponding to the month's holidays and seasonal inspirations, at the bargain price of 100L. Look for our "Octobre" gown too!

Both "Bewitching" and "Octobre" can be found in the Montagne Noire virtual store on the SL Marketplace.

I hope you enjoy this gown and have fun at the many Harvest and Halloween balls and events that are planned around Second Life!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boobiethon 2011 starts today!

This year is the fourth annual BoobieThon event in Second Life -- a week of events and fundraisers to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a charity near and dear to my heart -- I was the recipient of a grant by the Komen Foundation last year during my breast cancer treatment, which helped my family purchase groceries and other household necessities.

I've put my "Dans le Rose" Breast Cancer Awareness gown into a Boobiethon vendor in the entry alcove. All sales benefit the Komen Foundation.

The Boobiethon runs Oct. 1 through 7. For a complete schedule of events visit The Realm of the Red Rose blog.