Thursday, September 15, 2011

The return of Le Chemisette

I've updated an old favorite -- Le Chemisette!

Many dresses in SL have lowcut bodices -- which would not always be appropriate for Victorian RP, unless you are RPing a "soiled dove," or other woman of questionable reputation.

Montagne Noire's "Le Chemisette" is the answer to that problem. In the 19th century, chemisettes of linen or cotton were often worn with day dresses, and could be decorated with tucks, embroidery (especially whitework), or lace.

Our chemisette is worn as an undershirt layer -- the chemisette and sculpted collar will give the appearance of a blouse or shirt worn under a low cut bodice, making your favorite gown "Victorian ready"!

Le Chemisette is copy/mod, allowing you to duplicate and color match it for as many outfits as you wish. Plus, it's only 1L!

Find it in the entry alcove as you TP in to the shop.

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