Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Western General Store... & a Chinese Market

...Been doing some inventory housekeeping, XStreet listing fine tuning, and working on some new items for the Deadwood reset in March, and the result is "The Western General Store" role play kit, which can now be viewed on XStreet.

This General Store Kit is designed to decorate Victorian & Old West merchantiles, grocery stores, grocers, outfitters, provisioners, sundries and dry goods shops.

Among the items included are antique advertising signs, crates of Arbuckles coffee, beer and coal, barrels with flour, cornmeal and nails, sacks of potatoes, sugar and salt, a fresh fish stand and a vegetable stand.

There are fancy Victorian cabinets and counters, as well as more improvised shelving with modifiable planks and barrels. In fact, most items are modifiable, and some are also copy/mod, so the variations on your store layout are endless.

Plus, most items are one prim unless otherwise indicated. Purchasing this set at 995L saves more than 500L if items are purchased separately.

If you're looking to set up a Chinese Market, Miss Ji Yheng offers her own role play version on XStreet as well.

Miss Yheng's kit features Chinese style bamboo shades, lanterns, an apothecary cabinet, gunpowder keg, "gunpowder tea" crates, liquor crate, merchant's cupboard, a rice barrel & rice basket, a traditional quilted Shan Ku merchant garment, "coolie" straw hats and much more. Her set retails for 750L, 300L off the individual purchase prices.

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