Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nature's Hunt: Haunted Forest 2 launches today

Today marks the launch of Nature's Hunt: Haunted Forest 2 and Montagne Noire's contribution is "Le Chaperon Rouge," a Red Riding Hood and Woodsman costume set for women and men.

In keeping with the theme for hunt, Montagne's Noire's heroine Red Riding Hood is seeking escape from the haunted forest, with the Woodsman not far behind, his axe and clothing covered in blood.

The question is, whose blood is it -- the Wolf? Red's grandmother? Is there something more sinister to this scene? That is for you to decide! (though from the expression on Red's face... she may be running for a reason)

Nature's Hunt: Haunted Forest 2 Hunt runs through Nov. 25. Happy Hunting!

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