Monday, October 17, 2011

The Victorian Shopkeepers Association -- join us!

I've recently taken over ownership of the Victorian Shopkeepers Association, an update group for both merchants and shoppers with a fondness for all things 19th century Victorian, Steampunk and Gothic. Founder Otenth Paderborn has decided to move on to other projects, and has kindly selected me to "replace" him.

So as the new group owner (I really need to come up with an appropriate title) I'm here to extend an invitation to any and all SLU merchants and residents with similar interests to join the group.

For "discerning shoppers," you'll receive notices from a wide variety of merchants specializing in 19th century fashion, furnishings and other items, all in a single group. Shoppers will also on occasion receive special gifts from merchant members.

Shopkeepers can reach a targeted audience for their sales and special events. Merchant members don't necessarily have to have a shop on a Victorian sim, nor do you have to have exclusively 19th century Victorian/Steampunk/Gothic products (though they should be a prominent element of your business). For posting privileges, contact me to have the shopkeeper role added to your membership.

The VSA is planning a number of new incentives, among them sponsorship of a Victorian hunt, a website/blog, and a Victorian Visitor Information Centre. We're also planning to host a merchants meeting on a regular basis to discuss issues of interest to VSA merchants.

To join us, simply open chat history and paste the following link there:

Click the live link in your chat, and then the "join" button on the group information box that pops up, and you are ready to enjoy the membership benefits of the VSA!

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