Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A new parasol collection and a Victorian tattoo?


Finally MNC has released a parasol collection! Le Parasol is a Victorian ladies scripted walking umbrella with fringe and roses that comes in bluebell, calla, nightshade, rose and snowdrop.

As new releases they are currently 50% off for the next week, just 50L for individual parasols and 175L for the fat pack of five.

And what's this? A Victorian tattoo? How scandalous!

F-holes, also known as sound holes, are the carved opening in stringed musical instruments such as violins and cellos, which help project the sound of the instrument through vibration as it is played.

For the Victorian lady of Second Life, I like to think of this elegant f-hole tattoo as a bohemian expression of the muse within each of us, whether we are inspiring a romantic partner, or our own creative spirit.

Look for the black gift box in the foyer of the MNC shop in Caledon to purchase this unique tattoo for just 1L! It's only available until the end of June, so don't delay! ;)


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