Thursday, June 3, 2010

June New Releases at MNC


First off, stop in to the Caledon shop to get June's group gift, Fleur de L'ete ("Flower of Summer") a frothy Victorian day gown and straw hat in jade green. You'll find the board on the left as you enter the shop.

If you aren't currently a group member, simply touch the top sign with the picture of the gown, and you will receive a notecard with instructions on how to join.

Once you are wearing your Montagne Noire Fashion Society update group tag, simply touch the bottom sign to receive this free gift!

Also new this month is "Madame," a practical houndstooth wool day gown for the Victorian businesswoman. Madame come in granite, marble, and moss, and as a new release is currently 125L, (50% off regular retail) through Friday, June 10!

And yes, the "Pink & Red" Sale still continues! All pink and red clothing is reduced to 50L at the Caledon shop, and select furniture is 50L at the Antiquity furnishings shop. There are also a few new low prim furniture pieces you might want to check out there as well!

I think that's it for now! In RL I'll be starting my first round of chemotherapy tomorrow (Friday, June 4), so if you have any customer service issues, you can always email me directly at I'm hoping to be in SL as much as I can, depending on how I'm feeling, so please stop by the shop and say hello.

Happy Spring!

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