Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Independence Day/Bastille Day gown & more!


It happens to me every year, I look at the calendar and July is right at my doorstep -- and I haven't even started on my annual "Patriot" item!

Luckily this year I am a little ahead of schedule -- I present to you "Juillet," a ball gown to celebrate American Independence Day on July 4, and French Bastille Day (also known as La Fête Nationale) on July 14. It's specially priced at just 100L!

Juillet (July) is the month my Role Play character celebrates two monumental events in the history of her adopted nation and her birth nation: American Independence Day on July 4, and French Bastille Day (also known as La Fête Nationale) on July 14.

The flags of both nations share the colors red, white and blue, and so Juillet was created to honor the shared triumph of the American and French people in reaching toward the historical ideals of democracy.

I hope you enjoy this gown and have fun at the many Independence Day and Bastile Day balls and events that are planned around Second Life this year!

Also, back in the "bargain alcove" are three DOLLARBIE patriotic straw boater hats for women, girls, and for men & boys.

AND, there are a few bits of patriotic decor around the shop that are available for sale -- fan banners and posters.


"L'Orphelin" and "L'Orpheline" are the the first children's costumes to be introduced to the Montagne Noire Role Play Collection. As new items they are 50% off for the first week, so just 100L!

The costume is designed for the RPer who wishes to play an orphan, with the added option of playing a blind child -- or perhaps a sighted child playing a blind orphan for financial gain. How the story develops is completely up to you!


The "Pink & Red" sale is still going strong (all pink & red clothing is 50L), as is the Victorian bathing suit sale -- men's and women's suits are 50% off -- plus there's a brand new black & white suit for the ladies!


The Caledon shop has expanded -- the "bargain alcove" is now at the back entrance of the shop, where the free group gift vendor now resides, along with the dollarbies, and our soon to debut Sixty Linden Weekends kiosk!

Every weekend for Sixty Linden Weekends we'll be featuring a fabulous gown -- might be from our regular inventory, might be a limited edition -- for just 60L! I'll be sending out notices as next weekend gets closer. :)

That's it for now! I am still fighting cancer with both fists -- SL and designing clothing are a great distraction and therapy. So thanks for making that possible for me! :)

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