Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Independence Day/Bastille Day gown & more!


It happens to me every year, I look at the calendar and July is right at my doorstep -- and I haven't even started on my annual "Patriot" item!

Luckily this year I am a little ahead of schedule -- I present to you "Juillet," a ball gown to celebrate American Independence Day on July 4, and French Bastille Day (also known as La Fête Nationale) on July 14. It's specially priced at just 100L!

Juillet (July) is the month my Role Play character celebrates two monumental events in the history of her adopted nation and her birth nation: American Independence Day on July 4, and French Bastille Day (also known as La Fête Nationale) on July 14.

The flags of both nations share the colors red, white and blue, and so Juillet was created to honor the shared triumph of the American and French people in reaching toward the historical ideals of democracy.

I hope you enjoy this gown and have fun at the many Independence Day and Bastile Day balls and events that are planned around Second Life this year!

Also, back in the "bargain alcove" are three DOLLARBIE patriotic straw boater hats for women, girls, and for men & boys.

AND, there are a few bits of patriotic decor around the shop that are available for sale -- fan banners and posters.


"L'Orphelin" and "L'Orpheline" are the the first children's costumes to be introduced to the Montagne Noire Role Play Collection. As new items they are 50% off for the first week, so just 100L!

The costume is designed for the RPer who wishes to play an orphan, with the added option of playing a blind child -- or perhaps a sighted child playing a blind orphan for financial gain. How the story develops is completely up to you!


The "Pink & Red" sale is still going strong (all pink & red clothing is 50L), as is the Victorian bathing suit sale -- men's and women's suits are 50% off -- plus there's a brand new black & white suit for the ladies!


The Caledon shop has expanded -- the "bargain alcove" is now at the back entrance of the shop, where the free group gift vendor now resides, along with the dollarbies, and our soon to debut Sixty Linden Weekends kiosk!

Every weekend for Sixty Linden Weekends we'll be featuring a fabulous gown -- might be from our regular inventory, might be a limited edition -- for just 60L! I'll be sending out notices as next weekend gets closer. :)

That's it for now! I am still fighting cancer with both fists -- SL and designing clothing are a great distraction and therapy. So thanks for making that possible for me! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Montagne Noire Furnishings? What's this?

I recently realized I don't do a proper job of promoting my furniture shop, so I have set about to rectify that, beginning with a special group gift for furniture lovers -- a fancy Victorian blanket chest with scripted open and close lid!

You'll find the group gift board in the foyer entrance.

While you're there, please check out the items that are included in the "Pink & Red" Sale -- items with the color pink or red are now just 50L through the summer!

A few samples of some of our most recent furnishing additions include a folk art baby cradle, rocking chair, bookcase desk and writing chair, bathroom towel cabinet, and more. We also offer furnishings for your parlor, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bath, Chinese imports and business furnishings.

Most furnishings retail for between 50L-200L. My goal in making these items was to offer low cost, low prim furnishings for roleplay -- most aren't extremely complicated items, just nicely textured to give the appearance of a well furnished home on a small prim budget.

Montagne Noire Furnishings is located in Antiquity Township, SURL:

I hope you enjoy the chest, and browsing the other furnishings!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

MNC Caledon Oxbridge Village main store expands!


MNC is pleased to announce the expansion of its Caledon Oxbridge Village location! Please update your old LM with this one, as occasionally you may end up getting stuck in the front stairs:


The new building now has a back entrance, where the dollarbie items and group gift are located.

As you can see it's a bit bare right now, but we hope to be participating in more hunts and shopping events in the near future (stay tuned for our first foray into Sixty Linden Weekends, coming up July 4 weekend!), and this is area you'll find the information!

The rest of the building looks about the same, it's just been elongated to make room for future inventory. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A new parasol collection and a Victorian tattoo?


Finally MNC has released a parasol collection! Le Parasol is a Victorian ladies scripted walking umbrella with fringe and roses that comes in bluebell, calla, nightshade, rose and snowdrop.

As new releases they are currently 50% off for the next week, just 50L for individual parasols and 175L for the fat pack of five.

And what's this? A Victorian tattoo? How scandalous!

F-holes, also known as sound holes, are the carved opening in stringed musical instruments such as violins and cellos, which help project the sound of the instrument through vibration as it is played.

For the Victorian lady of Second Life, I like to think of this elegant f-hole tattoo as a bohemian expression of the muse within each of us, whether we are inspiring a romantic partner, or our own creative spirit.

Look for the black gift box in the foyer of the MNC shop in Caledon to purchase this unique tattoo for just 1L! It's only available until the end of June, so don't delay! ;)


Saturday, June 12, 2010

New clearance items & bathing suit sale!

New this weekend to Montagne Noire's clearance section (third floor at the Oxbridge Village main store) -- four outfits reduced 80% to 50L!

Also, a Victorian swimsuit sale! 50% off regular retail. Ladies bathing suits now 125L. Gentlemen's bathing suits now 75L.

Don't forget to check out the dollarbie and freebie (group gift) items in the foyer as you enter the shop!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

June New Releases at MNC


First off, stop in to the Caledon shop to get June's group gift, Fleur de L'ete ("Flower of Summer") a frothy Victorian day gown and straw hat in jade green. You'll find the board on the left as you enter the shop.

If you aren't currently a group member, simply touch the top sign with the picture of the gown, and you will receive a notecard with instructions on how to join.

Once you are wearing your Montagne Noire Fashion Society update group tag, simply touch the bottom sign to receive this free gift!

Also new this month is "Madame," a practical houndstooth wool day gown for the Victorian businesswoman. Madame come in granite, marble, and moss, and as a new release is currently 125L, (50% off regular retail) through Friday, June 10!

And yes, the "Pink & Red" Sale still continues! All pink and red clothing is reduced to 50L at the Caledon shop, and select furniture is 50L at the Antiquity furnishings shop. There are also a few new low prim furniture pieces you might want to check out there as well!

I think that's it for now! In RL I'll be starting my first round of chemotherapy tomorrow (Friday, June 4), so if you have any customer service issues, you can always email me directly at I'm hoping to be in SL as much as I can, depending on how I'm feeling, so please stop by the shop and say hello.

Happy Spring!